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Tackle the Heat Indoors This Off-season With Air Coolers That Are at 30% Off

Our tried-and-tested electric fans and AC units may have served us well enough (especially during last summer’s heatwave), but, perhaps, it’s time to upgrade to a happy medium—the air cooler. For staying cool while working from home or wanting to breeze your way through a good night’s sleep, it’ll get the job done—affordably and efficiently.

It won’t give you the same icy rush as an air conditioner, but they have significantly more cooling power than fans, successfully taking the temperature down a few degrees (around four) in your space. And unlike an air conditioner, they don’t need to be vented out of a window and won’t rack up a costly electricity bill.

How do they work?

Using the power of evaporative cooling, air coolers work by evaporating water and releasing it as a cool mist. Inside the nifty machine is a water tank, an absorbent honeycomb mesh sheet, and a fan.

Fill the water tank up with ice and water (the colder the better, of course) so the sheet can soak it up. When the water evaporates from the sheet, the fan pushes the cooler air out into a room. Easy-peasy.

They’re much cheaper to run than portable AC units and considerably lighter, requiring no complicated setup. The good news is that you can save big if you purchase one from Ace Hardware this month via the SM Malls Online app—their Symphony household air coolers are at a 30% discount this off-season. Here’s a look at our top picks.

Choose to chill

Symphony Diet 22i Personal Air Cooler

P8,399 from P11,999

A tower air cooler for rooms up to 14 m² (150.695 square feet) with a full function remote, a 7-hour timer, and an empty water tank alarm. The Diet 22i uses a high-efficiency honeycomb pad and comes with a 22-liter water tank capacity. It only consumes 170 watts.

Symphony Diet 8i Personal Air Cooler

P6,299 from P8,999

A personal air cooler from rooms up to 10 m² (107.639 square feet) with a remote control, a honeycomb pad, and a cool flow dispenser. The Diet 8i can store 8 liters of water and consumes 95 watts only.

Symphony Hi Cool i Room Air Cooler

P9,099 from P12,999

An air cooler for rooms up to 17 m² (182.986 square feet) with a 31-liter water tank capacity. The Hi Cool i also comes with a remote control and time and a cool flow dispenser and a superior honeycomb pad for better cooling, while consuming only 170 watts.

Symphony Ice Cube 27 Room Air Cooler

P7,439 from P19,499

An air cooler for rooms up to 16 m² (172.223 square feet) with a 3-side high-efficiency honeycomb pads, a cool flow dispenser, a powerful fan, and a 27-liter water tank capacity. Built with SMPS technology (switched-mode power supply), the Ice Cube 27 has a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently, consuming only 95 watts.

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