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What is
the most
exciting part
of SM Malls

August 8, 2022

Associate Software Engineer

The most exciting part is the challenges we face during development. These enabled me to gain a lot of knowledge, experience, and new ideas. Every challenge that we face is an opportunity to become more experienced than we’ve been before.  These enriches our knowledge, makes more room for us to grow, and gives us the confidence to take on more challenging business requirements and processes.

Being the PM, I am so excited about how SM Malls Online will shape the online mall-ing experience for Filipinos. There’s a lot going on in SMO right now and everything that we do contributes to that bigger SMO that we’re building for the future. I can see the many possibilities for the app and I know we have the right team (and growing!) to make that happen.

Product Management Head

Solutions Architect

Being part of SM Malls Online is like jumping right away into the ocean! It’s like a box full of surprises! There are lot of opportunities to learn from technical to business and how to scale up given the direction of the company. We are part in revolutionizing a very well-established company, introducing in-house-development people, process, and creating a conducive IT culture that fosters growth and camaraderie. It is exciting to know that we are indirectly helping our fellow Filipinos by generating jobs through our different third-party partners, helping our tenants in employing more as demand rises, and saving employees from jobs hit by the pandemic through hiring of professionals as we grow the team.

The future of eCommerce is here at SM Malls Online. Being at the forefront of technology as the world’s first omnichannel hyper-local fulfillment platform, everyday is a continuous discovery of meaningful and value-adding solutions that impact the lives of our customers, our tenants, and all relevant stakeholders. It always excites us every time we release a new feature, capability, or if we address problems and pain points of customers, tenants, internal employees, and external partners’ journey. It is a privilege and a delight to see the creativity and collective efforts of the team from inception of the products to its delivery.

Center of Product Excellence Lead