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What is your


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September 23, 2022

Geneve Joy A. Acedilla
Application Support Lead

I have the power of resilience that gives me the mindset that I can overcome anything, no matter how hard the situation is. As the Application Support Lead, this mentality encourages the team to not only endure the challenges but to find hope and be that hope for others as well. I may not be the brightest or smartest person in the room, but I can make a significant contribution through resilience and dedication in everything I do at work.

Dispute Management is tricky and intricate. Closing a case requires getting facts and evidence from all parties.

In our case, it means getting inputs from tenants, OMI, customers, and partners. Often, the Dispute Team would follow up and will not stop in asking questions until we know what happened and how we can resolve the issue. Building relationships and effective communication is a challenge because we are all based from different parts of Greater Manila. But this does not stop me from resolving problems. So, I would say my superpower is patience. As we grow the business, we also grow individually. And for dispute cases to be resolved, patience is the essential key to understand and learn each part of the business to support its needs.

Luis Martin S. Veluz
Dispute Manager

Lino Pacifico O. Cervantes
DevOps Manager

Curiosity is my superpower. It is learning the unknown and transforming ideas into reality. I have a habit of researching the technical stuff related to the new ideas I encounter. I keep on working on it until it materializes. I feel the sense of fulfillment whenever there is something I am able to accomplish.

My workplace superpower is TRUE GRIT! Patience, perseverance, and mental strength are my biggest armor against all odds. I think being able to pace myself for the long haul, maintaining a steady pace, and being particularly adept at picking myself up after a knock-back puts me head and shoulders above.

Jehan Laris J. Gutierrez
Logistics and Fulfillment Manager