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Shop & Earn Rewards: Introducing SM Super Points! β€‹πŸš€πŸŽ‰

Shop & Earn Rewards: Introducing SM Super Points!

SM Super Points FAQs

1. What is SM Super Points? SM Super Points, currently on Beta phase, is a loyalty program offered by SM Malls Online, designed to reward customers for them of selected items from the app. Points will be earned for every completed purchase. Accumulated points can be redeemed as app shopping credits for succeeding purchases.

2. How can I join SM Super Points? The SM Super Points loyalty program, in its beta phase, is open to select SM Malls Online users who have made a purchase starting February 2024.

3. How do I earn SM Super Points? Points may vary dependent on the partner merchant ranging from PHP200 – PHP1,000 worth of purchase to earn 1 point.

4. How will I know how many points I’ve earned? Customers will receive email updates after every completed purchase, detailing the number of points earned. These updates will be sent the following business day after your purchase is completed.

5. How can I redeem my accumulated points? Accumulated points can be converted and redeemed as app vouchers, which can then be used for future purchases. Stay tuned for further details on the redemption process, including guidelines and terms.

6. How do I check my SM Super Points balance? You can check your Super Points balance by sending an email to with subject line, Super Points Balance

7. Do SM Super Points expire? No, points do not expire.

8. Are there any limits on how many SM Super Points I can earn? No.

9. Can I transfer or gift my SM Super Points to someone else? SM Super Points are non-transferable and cannot be gifted to another individual.

10. Can I combine SM Super Points with my SMAC points? No, points cannot be combined with SMAC points or any other SM promotion.

11. Are points earned only for delivery purchases? No, points earning is applicable for both delivery and in-store pickup purchases.

12. How can I ensure I earn points with my purchases? To earn points, simply checkout from SHOPS or NATIONWIDE cart. Purchases made from the swipe coupons section are not eligible for points.

13. How can I contact support if I have questions about my Super Points? For any inquiries or assistance regarding your Super Points, you can reach out to SM Malls Online customer support at