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+ What is SM Malls Online App?

SM Malls Online App is the newest online shopping platform of SM Supermalls, housing your favorite SM Malls brands ranging from food & beverage to general merchandise. Customers can now shop for multiple orders from their favorite SM brands with a single delivery fee (with some exceptions), at the comfort and safety of their homes.

+ Are all retailers/brands in the mall available (retailer assortment)?

We’re working hard to onboard the brands you trust and find in SM Malls. Please bear with us during these extraordinary quarantine situation.

+ Are all products in the mall available (product assortment)?

We’re adding more products to the platform.

+ How quickly can I get my orders?

Express delivery coming soon!

+ How much is the shipping fee?

Depending on the available shipping options (e.g. Express Delivery, Next Day Delivery and Standard Delivery), the shipping fee will be displayed in the check-out page before payment.

+ I’m currently in the province. Can I still order from the app?

Yes for physical goods, following standard delivery lead times.


+ How do I register for a SM Malls Online account?

  1. Download the SM Malls Online app
  1. Open the SM Malls Online application. You will be asked to create an account.
  1. Fill out all the fields (First Name, Last Name, Birthday, Email Address, Mobile Number, Password, Repeat Password)
  1. Once read our Agreements and Guidelines, tick the box.
  1. Tap the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button
  1. You will be asked to verify your email address using a 6-digit code that is sent to your nominated email address. Enter the code and tap “VERIFY EMAIL”
  1. Once verified, you may now log in to your SM Malls Online account.

+ How do I change the information in my account?

To make changes in your account, open the app and make sure you are logged into your SM Malls Online account.

  1. Tap on the top left hand menu (a.k.a. hamburger or three horizontal line icon)
  1. Tap “Account.”
  1. Edit the field/s (e.g. Mobile Number, Default Shipping/Billing Address) that you want to change.
  1. Tap “SAVE”

+ I forgot my password or I cannot log in to my account, what should I do?

If you forgot your password, you will be redirected to the “Forgot Password” page. You will be asked to enter the email address or mobile number that you used in registering an account.

Ordering and Cancellation

+ Security Concerns and Reminders to Avoid Payment Scams

For any security concerns, please immediately contact with your security issue and mobile number.

Please remember the following security reminders:

  1. Never share your personal information – We only ask for your personal information (name, phone number, email, etc.) during account set-up. SM Malls Online will never call or ask for your personal information like bank account details, password, credit card information, or any other personal information. Please take extra precaution on individuals pretending to be representatives of SM Malls Online.
  1. Do not pay outside SM Malls Online – SM Malls Online and our sellers will never ask to transact with you outside the application. Payment for your purchases should be done through our secure Checkout Page.
  1. Do not accept payment instructions via chat. All payment instructions will be provided by SM Malls Online in our secure Checkout Page.
  1. Do not place orders using credit cards that are not in your name, please make sure to use your own credit card when creating a transaction on SM Malls Online.

+ How do I know if my order and payment is successful?

Upon completion on the Checkout Page, you will be prompted with “Payment Successful!” with your order number. We will also send your receipt via your registered email address.

+ Are all products in the mall available (product assortment)?

We’re adding more products to the platform.

+ What payment methods will be available on SM Malls online?

The following are the available payment methods:

  • Cash-On-Delivery (COD)

+ When will non-cash or cashless payment method will be available?

We are working hard to have this ready in the next few months.

+ I found a transaction which I didn’t make. What should I do next?

If you received a notification of an unauthorized transaction using your debit/credit card or other cashless payment method, please contact your bank immediately to check if payment can be stopped. Please also immediately reset your account password to prevent further security breaches and unwanted orders.

+ I have an issue with my order, what should I do?

Should you have an issue with your order, please contact the SM Malls seller or visit the seller in the SM Mall. If the issue cannot be resolved, please contact SM Malls Online Support Center ( so that we may assist.

+ Can I purchase multiple items and have them delivered to different shipping addresses?

Yes, you can order multiple items and have them delivered at different shipping addresses. Delivery fee will be applied per shipping address.

+ How do I cancel an order and what is the Order Cancellation Policy of SM Malls Online?

You may retrieve your order under the “My Orders” page and click “Cancel Order”. Please do note the below order cancellation policies:

  • Orders can only be cancelled before it has been packed by the Seller. If you still wish to proceed with the cancellation of the item and it has not yet been handed over to our Fulfillment team, you may contact the seller for cancellation request.
  • If you have multiple items in the order and only want to have one item to be cancelled, you would need to cancel the whole order including all items to be cancelled and repurchased again.
  • Once you have successfully cancelled an order, you can no longer retract or reverse the cancellation request
  • All initial vouchers/discounts that were made for a cancelled order are will still be considered used or availed unless still available (e.g. promotion period).
  • If you would like to reorder a cancelled item, please take note that the item price is subject to change depending on the available SM or seller promotions.

In case of prepayment order via credit/debit cards, your money will be refunded to your account within one to two billing cycles depending on your bank policy.

+ I accidentally ordered duplicate items. What should I do?

Please immediately cancel the order before it has been packed by a seller and perform a new order correctly.

+ What happens if I leave my orders unpaid?

Items will eventually be removed from your cart as the items may no longer be available.

+ What are SM Malls Online “Cash On Delivery (COD)” Policies and why isn’t it available for my orders?

Cash On Delivery is one of SM Malls Online’s payment methods. However, there are cases where this payment method may not be available:

  • Order value exceeds the amount threshold – For the safety of both our sellers and customers, COD is not available for high-value products. You may opt to use other payment methods that we have if COD is not available.
  • COD is removed as a payment method – We have detected that you have multiple unsuccessful deliveries. We define failed deliveries as:
  1. Customer refuses to accept COD packages
  1. Repeated incidents of failing to receive packages after the second delivery attempt
  • Shipping address is out of COD coverage area – For remote areas or areas with high failed delivery rate, our partner couriers may not be able to provide COD. If your location is within this area, we recommend you to use other payment methods aside from COD

During the Beta phase, we will be rolling out other acceptance of payment methods such as credit cards.

+ Can I change my payment method or order details (e.g. Delivery address) after I have placed my order?

No. We currently do not have an option to change your payment method nor order details (e.g. delivery address, mobile number) after your order has been placed and processed. You may opt to cancel the order if it has not already been fulfilled.

+ Do I have to pay a fee when I cancel my order?

We do not charge any fees for cancellation of orders.

Data Privacy

+ What is SM Malls Online’s privacy policy?

We take your privacy very seriously. We ensure that your sensitive data is protected and encrypted at all times. You can read more about our Privacy Policy at

Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Team via

Product Terms

+ If my product is no longer within the warranty duration, do I need to pay for repairs?

If the item is no longer within the warranty period, you may contact the seller regarding repair charges.

+ How do I check a product’s warranty on SM Malls Online?

Please check your product’s warranty under product details or by clarifying with the seller before checking out with your order.

Return, Refund and Exchange 

+ What is the “Return, Refund and Exchange” process?

For items under “Express Delivery” or “Next Day Delivery”, you are encouraged to return, refund or exchange the item in person depending on the respective return/exchange policies ranging from 7 – 30 days. Should an item be purchased via the “Standard Delivery” method and you areunable to go to the seller’s physical store to return it in person, please contact the seller or send us an email at for guidance on the return process.

Please ensure the following are available:

  • Original Receipt
  • Original Packaging
  • Items is in good condition with its peripherals (e.g. user guide, freebies, etc.) which was originally received

Please take a picture of the return shipping receipt for safekeeping and future use (e.g. email to seller or SM Customer Service Team)

Upon verifying that your order has been returned to the seller, please allow the seller some time to verify that the all required documentation/items have been received to process a return/exchange or contact the tenant store for further instructions.

NOTE: That return/exchange of intimate apparel or items considered as generally hygienic in nature (e.g., underwear, socks, stockings, earrings, etc.) will not be accepted for any reason. For consumable items, only sealed or unused can be requested for return/exchange.

+ What are the possible reasons for rejected returns and what should I do if a tenant store has rejected my return?

The following are common reasons (non-exhaustive) for rejected returns:

  1. Improper packaging of an item
  1. Incomplete returned items
  1. Return labels is not attached, written return number or tracking number might be incorrectly written or missing

Please contact or contact your seller for further instructions.

+ Is there a fee when returning an item to the seller?

There is no fee when returning an item to the seller.

+ What is the return policy of SM Malls Online?

Valid reasons for return and exchange (Return/Exchange policy varies across SM Brands between 7 – 30 days from date of receipt) include the following:

Product that is fundamentally different in nature from the product specified in the website;

  • Faulty, defective, or damaged product;
  • Product that is not as advertised on the website;
  • Wrong item is delivered; or
  • Change of size (for fashion items).
  • Be sure that all items to be returned are still in their original packaging, with complete accessories and attached price tag.

Please note that return/exchange of intimate apparel or items considered as generally hygienic in nature (e.g., underwear, socks, stockings, earrings, etc.) will not be accepted at any of our branches for any reason. For consumable items, only sealed or unused can be requested for return/exchange.

Shipping, Pickup and Delivery 

+ When will I receive my SM Malls Online items/orders?

SM Malls online have multiple delivery methods (excludes digital vouchers) with the following approximate standard delivery times depending on a customer’s location:

  • Coming soon! Express Delivery: 1 – 2 Hours Delivery Time (Order cut-off time – 8 PM Daily)
  • Next Day Delivery: 24 Hours Delivery Time (Order cut-off time – 8 PM Daily)
  • Standard Delivery: 5 – 7 Working Days

+ My order status is delivered but I did not receive it. What do I do?

Please check if any of your family members, security, receptionist, or neighbors received your package on your behalf. Otherwise, please contact

+ What if I’m not available when the package arrives?

For COD Orders:

Inform your friend or family that you are expecting an order from SM Malls Online

Make sure to give your friend or family the following details

  • Order Number
  • Package Type
  • Amount Payable

For Prepaid Orders (cashless payment method):

  • Provide the person who will receive the package on your behalf the following
  1. Authorization Letter (printed/handwritten)
  1. Copy of your valid ID

Your authorized representative must also present a valid ID for identity proof to receive your package

+ Why is my order cancelled due to failed delivery?

Orders tagged as “Failed Delivery” stems from a variety of reasons such as:

  • Order Issues: This occurs when our logistic partner has assessed that the package prepared by a seller does not meet the quality standards of SM Malls Online driven by damaged/insufficient packaging or improper packaging by SM’s Fulfillment partner.
  • Logistics Issues: This occurs when unforeseen circumstances hinder our logistic partner’s capability to deliver your order driven by weather conditions, government restrictions or infrastructure issues (e.g. road closures).
  • Customer Error: This occurs when the details provided by a customer is incorrect or incomplete driven by:
  1. Address/contact details are incorrect (Please check your address book to make sure it is updated)
  1. Address is missing important details or incomplete (e.g. house number, unit number, barangay)
  1. Customer or authorized representative were unavailable in shipping address upon delivery
  1. Recipient is unknown at shipping address
  1. Payment was not ready for COD orders

+ My order was cancelled due to failed delivery. What can I do next?

Orders tagged as “Failed Delivery” can no longer be re-delivered. If you wish to receive your items, please re-order from our SM Malls Online mobile app. Please remember to correct the issues that affected your initial order before making a new order to ensure a successful delivery.

+ I already paid for my order. How will I be refunded?

Items tagged as “Failed Delivery” will be shipped back to the seller and your refund will automatically be processed once the seller has successfully received the item. This may take time depending on the location of seller.

+ Is it possible to prearrange the date and time of delivery?

Request for specific delivery time and date is currently not possible. If you will not be available at the time of delivery, please assign someone who can receive the order on your behalf. Our courier will deliver the order for up to 2 attempts only. After which order will be returned to the seller. This is in accordance with the delivery policy.

+ I ordered multiple items but I only received one item. Where are my other items?

For prepaid transactions, please email us at with the details of your concern or contact the seller directly to verify if there are pending items for delivery.

For COD transactions, you may reorder the product from our SM Malls Online mobile app. Please do verify the issues (e.g. store product is out of stock) that affected your initial order before making a new order.

+ How do I schedule a pickup order at an SM Mall?

During check-out, if you have selected in-store pickup, you should proceed to the seller’s physical store at your convenience within 72 hours to pickup your order. No queuing is required and you merely have to show a seller representative your order ID and details on SM Malls Online mobile app.

+ Where can I check my shipping fee when placing an order?

Depending on the available shipping options (e.g. Express Delivery, Next Day Delivery and Standard Delivery), the shipping fee will be displayed in the check-out page before payment.

+ Is Express Delivery available for all items?

Express delivery depends on the distance from your shipping location to the SM Mall where you placed your order.

+ What is Express Delivery?

Express delivery is what we call same-day deliveries (approximately 1-2 hours) for orders made on or before the 8:00pm cut-off. This option will be made available very soon.